How can I help you????

Apart from my Tin Can Bay Photography/Outdoor Workshops, I also do photo restorations, prints, outdoor/beach family portraits, etc.


Please see examples below . . .

  • Are you seeking images that typify the true essence of Tin Can Bay or Rainbow Beach? I have literally thousands of tempting and tantalising photos that typify all attributes of what this pristine area is about. (see my "PHOTOS" page).


  • I can do quality prints up to A3 size or supply original size files on a disc.


  Also, I can teach basic computer skills, like photo editing and correction, blogging, creating  a Facebook account, a free Google email address, etc. 


  • Do you have an old or damaged photo of a loved one or pet, etc., you would like restored? Depending on the amount of damage, there are no guarantees, but I am always up for the challenge.

  • Prints available up to A4 or A3

Ken & Mum_pe.jpg
  • Or even a new photo made to look old . . .

  • How about some outdoor, natural light photos of you, your family, your favourite pet, new car or boat, etc. And all can be done, not only in natural outdoor lighting but with some of our magnificent scenery as an organic, natural backdrop.

A proud man and his boat . . .