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My aim is to offer "low-cost" assistance to visitors of Tin Can Bay, Queensland and to locals alike, who have a strong desire to photograph the natural assets that this town and its surrounds is so noted for; on Queensland's "Nature Coast". With subjects that might include landscape or seascape scenery, indigenous flora, as well as many varieties of both land and shorebirds; some that migrate from far away countries and others that stay all year round. Of course, Tin Can Bay's main attraction would have to be the daily viewing and/or feeding of the wild Indo/Pacific dolphins. This occurs each morning around 7 am at Barnacles Cafe, Norman Point. The feeding itself commences at around 8 am, but if you are only there to

view the dolphins, that can be anytime between 6.30 - 9 am.






One doesn't simply 'take' photos, with the right knowledge one can 'create' fine images, just as a classic artist can create a masterpiece on canvas. One only needs to understand the right techniques for building the best possible image through the lens, with the correct use of light and composition; and of course, by taking advantage of all available elements within the scene being photographed and how best to place those elements for the best outcome. 


Nature/landscape photography – it’s naturally therapeutic

Photographing the beauty of Nature has to be one of the most therapeutic and relaxing pastimes that anyone can wish to partake in. If you have the right mindset, it not only results in the participant adopting a more relaxed and easy-going attitude, it also disciplines the mind to become more patient and tolerant. A bit like "yoga through the lens". When freedom and time allow us to venture out to do what we love doing best, we must do so with a clear open mind and one that is free of all adverse thoughts. Make the best use of the time you have and look at it as an unhurried pleasure and try to focus your mind totally on what you are seeking and what you wish to achieve. The time is yours. Use it to take in all the beauty around you and when you finally locate that special little piece of Nature, take whatever time is necessary to best compose your subject. Also, use this time to allow your creative juices and technical knowledge to slowly build the image just the way you want it and how you envisage it to be. Is the intensity of the light or its angle right for the shot you want? If necessary, change your angle of view and make a conscious decision about where you want to place your main subject in the frame and by working your zoom or changing your position or lenses, you can easily decide what other minor subjects you may wish to include in the shot for that added bit of interest and of course, whatever there might be that you wish not to include.

Take all the time necessary and create as many varied shots as you think you need of your subject and by adopting this attitude great results will eventually come your way

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