Some examples of my Tin Can Bay photoghraphy . . .

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Images of Tin Can Bay, Australia . . .

Set 1 (Free-running 10 sec transition slideshow)


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Capture 1.JPG

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Capture 2.JPG

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Set 2 - More visuals of my work . . .

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Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding 1
Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding 2
Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding 3
Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding 4
Tin Can Bay Dolphin Feeding 5
The Gift
Gravillea and friends
English Rose
White Crocus
TCB Native Lasiandra or Blue Tongue
Day Lily
Paper Daisy
Rainbow Beach 1
Rainbow Beach 2
Rainbow Beach 3
Rainbow Beach 4
Rainbow Beach 5
Rainbow Beach 6
Rainbow Beach 7
Rainbow Bch -Taking the Coast Road
Rainbow Bch from Rainbow Shores
Parasailing Rainbow Bch Sandblow 1
Parasailing Rainbow Bch Sandblow 2
Back to Norman - Point Tin Can Bay
Family at Rainbow Beach 2
Family at Rainbow Beach Sandblow 1
025 (2).jpg
Butterfly love
Longlegged fly on water lily
Soldier Fly on Parsnip Trachymene
Pretty Cockroach
Toward the light
Pelican Pas De Deux
Re caption
Re caption
Preparing for another day
Black Swan & young
Little Egret & Water Lily
Southern Rainbow Lorikeet
Rainbow Lorikeets
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo
Pink & Grey Galah
Spangled Drongo in silhouette
Spangled Drongo
Tawny Frogmouth
Tawny Frogmouth (in cognito)
Male Blackbacked Magpie & young
Southern Kookaburra
Double Barred Finch







The Coast Road a.JPG
016 on the beach highway a.jpg
23 Beach 4 c.jpg
FERG7241b (s).jpg