Hi, my name is Ken Ferguson and I have been a keen landscape/nature photographer for many years now and still enjoy the obvious challenges it throws at me from time to time, but also enjoy the many benefits I have acquired from it.

I am semi-retired after 40 years in the retail industry and live with the love of my life in this beautiful little part of the world, which I am always keen to show off to any potential visitor and I also enjoy hearing how they have fallen in love with the place after their first visit. Although photography, at times, can be very challenging, I also find it to be a very relaxing and therapeutic pastime and living and retiring in such a stress-free and picturesque little seaside township such as Tin Can Bay in SE Queensland, Australia, I am only too happy to help those wishing to better their own nature/landscape photography or just simply to improve on their general camera skills. Servicing, of course, the visitor and locals alike.

Please see my Blog for further important workshop information.

Want to take better photos?

Have you ever had a family member or friend return home after being away on a trip, just to ask you over to look at their holiday photos? Yes, and all 2 or 3 hundred of them!

Well, be honest, you were pretty well bored out of your brain, right? Right!

Well, by taking advantage of one of my "low cost" outdoor photography workshops, your own holiday photos will no longer just be happy snaps, but "Brag Book" style images. And you will not only be shooting better holiday snaps but far better photos in general; simply by utilising a few little professional tips that will not only make your photos more interesting but also more pleasurable to look at. Please see my Blog for special personal information regarding your workshop, on the day.


My motto is: “May your stay at Tin Can Bay remain in your hearts forever, whilst the photos you take home with you will live on as a proud testament.”

"Hi, welcome to my place - come inside and take a look around ". . .

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